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At Serviss Wealth Management, our mission is to provide our clients with a simple process to wealth accumulation, preservation, and generational transfer of assets by designing and implementing strategies that are personally customized to their individual goals.

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Lawyers Financial (CBIA)
Dustin acts as an Authorized Representative for Lawyers Financial (formerly the Canadian Bar Insurance Association or CBIA). This group facilitates insurance protection in regards to law firm staff, legal professionals and their families. The CBIA…
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Succession Planning
We excel at guiding your business or family through the various stages of succession planning. Our comprehensive team at Serviss Wealth Management has the ability to be successful with every scenario. Regardless if the situation…
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Family Services
Visualize the benefits of having a CFO dedicated to the entire family. From the start, we have built on our success by providing our valuable clients and their families with something irreplaceable: more financial peace…
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Tax Planning
Our experienced team at Serviss Wealth Management is continually striving for methods to reduce our clients’ taxes. Regardless if it is property tax, tax on your investments or income tax, we specialize in finding you…
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Business Advisory
Many clients report needing a corporate or personal Chief Financial Officer or CFO during their life; however, cringe at hiring an individual to fill those shoes for an additional 80k a year. Dustin Serviss can…
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Estate Planning
Estate planning can be an uncomfortable subject for many people, but it shouldn’t be. Securing your family’s finances after you’re gone is important and should give you comfort knowing they’re being taken care of. Dustin…
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Investment Management
Our experienced investment professionals are accomplished at managing money during the best of times and the worst of times. Over the past decade, our referrals have kept our business expanding successfully. Each of our managers…
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Life Insurance
Two basic kinds of life insurance policies exist: term and permanent. Term life insurance is the most straightforward option. You decide on a death benefit amount or how much money will be paid to your…
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Wealth Management
Determining all of your financial issues and creating your financial dashboard can pinpoint as to where your gaps are located along with your opportunities. Let us help you solve the riddle by working with you…
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