Wealth Management

Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Determining all of your financial issues and creating your financial dashboard can pinpoint as to where your gaps are located along with your opportunities. Let us help you solve the riddle by working with you to create an individual strategy for your personal wealth management.

Our expert team focuses on integrating your insurance, your investments and your business to cover all the bases. Serviss Wealth Management has the expertise to help you create a plan that addresses all of your concerns. We will cover risk management, tax planning and estate planning during the process. Additional factors that may be incorporated include: charitable giving, registered education savings and projections for your retirement income.

Why is Wealth Management Important?

Even though it is fairly straightforward, it is helpful to have experts working on your behalf. Wealth management refers to the science of enhancing or solving your financial situation.

Our reputable and experienced team of advisors can decipher the jargon and discuss a complete range of financial service products and options in a consultative manner so that you can decide on the most appropriate course of action.

A wealth manager may be able to provide information on any financial product; however, most specialize in the products and services they are most comfortable discussing. Every client is unique. The consultative information provided by Serviss Wealth Management helps to ensure that every client and their needs are treated individually in order to ensure the best possible outcome for protecting and managing your assets. Our affluent clientele has a range of needs and preferences. We meet with you open-mindedly; bringing zero assumptions or presuppositions to the table.

Discussing and addressing your particular needs is what we specialize in. Our main objective is to understand each client and find out what particular items are of interest and why. Only then can we present the appropriate financial services and products to meet your individual needs. Book you appointment today and let’s get started.