Investment Management

Our experienced investment professionals are accomplished at managing money during the best of times and the worst of times. Over the past decade, our referrals have kept our business expanding successfully. Each of our managers follows a very strict strategy to ensure the best positive outcome. We are not interested in get rich quick schemes or experimenting with our clients’ cash.

Numerous clients have a substantial nest egg or come to us with significant net worth – maybe they just sold their Okanagan Business. We take pride in our job to preserve their wealth in the most efficient way possible. Our core philosophy is to preserve capital initially and then focus on growth.

One of the main advantages about being independent is that we are not tied to any specific investment company, solution or product. Therefore, we specialize in providing raw investment solutions to our clientele. Issues can arise when individuals are fixed into a proprietary investment item that they do not completely comprehend.

Ever wondered why the stock market goes up and down – The Nosy Neighbor.

Families and individuals within the high-net-worth category may face intricate financial decisions. Serviss Wealth Management has the experience to clearly explain sophisticated solutions and advice in a way our clients’ can understand. It is vital to have the proper knowledge prior to making any financial decision.

I should put more thought into the important decisions about the money, but I have just left it in your capable hands and feel complete trust that you will manage the funds to my best advantage. Loraine, Retired Business Owner

Your Financial Partner

We conduct ourselves as your financial partner so that you can concentrate on living your life. Helping our clients manage their complex credit requirements and their cash flow enables a streamlined process to take place. Organizing your financial affairs provides ultimate control when it comes to your financial future. Stop guessing and let us help you get the facts.

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Portfolio Review Service

Private Client Investment Counseling

Our premise for our Private Client Investment Counseling is rooted in understanding and communication. Each one of our clients’ is unique and everyone has their own set of objectives and circumstances. Our goal is to establish an in-depth relationship in order to customize an investment portfolio that reflects your goals and specific timelines.

Our devoted Investment Counselors manage your portfolio on your behalf as part of a discretionary service. This method provides you with peace of mind when it comes to the continuous decision making processes involved with managing your portfolio.

Our Private Client Investment Counseling is offered for families, individuals, estates, trusts and holding corporations who have investment portfolios greater than $1 million dollars. We look forward to sitting down with you at your earliest convenience to explore a variety of exciting options.

ETF Solutions

We have worked with ETF managers like – Wealthbar and WealthSimple to be able to provide smaller accounts with efficient solutions to growing their wealth.

As per Investopedia – “The primary job responsibility of an ETF portfolio manager is handling portfolio investments. An ETF manager engages in ongoing research and equity or other asset evaluation, keeping track of market activity and trends, and monitoring economic news and conditions that may affect the portfolio’s profitability. Risk assessment is one essential element of portfolio management, especially when substantial changes to the portfolio’s holdings are being considered.

The task of making investment choices is considerably greater with an actively managed ETF as opposed to one that follows an index. Passive index funds usually make substantial changes to the portfolio only when the index is periodically rebalanced. However, even managing index funds requires regular investment assessment. It is common for index funds to commit a portion of assets to investments not contained in the underlying index. The portfolio manager makes those supplemental investment choices. An index ETF manager periodically evaluates whether the underlying index is the best choice to achieve the fund’s investment goals.”